Home Improvements SELLING YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY IN CALIFORNIA When landlords decide to sell a residential rental property in California, tenants can sometimes be a bit of a wild card. Most sellers prefer to list properties vacant for a variety of reasons. Tenants have a lot of rights at law and it’s important to understand the local rules when helping to administer the end […]
Pivot AVOID CODE OF ETHICS VIOLATIONS The Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice of the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) has been a vital part of the real estate industry. It was created by NAR more than 100 years ago, and the Code now has 17 articles covering fair dealings with clients, the public and colleagues. Failure to comply can […]
Pivot MEDIATION & ARBITRATION CLAUSES IN PURCHASE CONTRACTS Dispute Resolution in the CAR and PRDS purchase agreements Both the CAR and PRDS purchase contracts have a mandatory mediation clause and an optional arbitration clause. The parties to an agreement need to initial the arbitration clause in order to invoke it, while the mediation clause is built-in as a part of the purchase agreement. […]
Pivot ANTITRUST LAW IN REAL ESTATE The purpose of antitrust laws is to preserve a competitive economy in the free market. Under Section 1 of the Sherman Act, “[e]very contract, combination in form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade… is hereby declared illegal.” When two or more brokerages conspire to restrain trade, a per se violation of […]
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