Home Improvements March 9, 2023

Silent but Costly – how to find a bathroom leak

We’ve all been there, listening to the persistent drip … drip… drip of a pesky, leaky bathroom faucet. However, not all bathroom leaks are so obvious. There may be unseen and undetected leaks in your bathroom, and they can cause serious plumbing issues if not repaired. These leaks can generate a host of other problems, too – expensive water damage to walls and floors, mold, and mildew. They can even be the cause of a high water bill.

Hidden bathroom leaks can do extensive damage to a home, much more than the plumbing itself. Repairs can quickly add up and become very expensive. For costly repairs like this, you may want to consider a home warranty to help keep you financially covered.

There is good news. These leaks can be found and fixed before they have a chance to do their damage. So, before you get to the point of shelling out big money for repairs, it’s worth your time and effort to make sure your home doesn’t have hidden bathroom leaks.

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