Home Improvements December 17, 2020

Ideas for Turning a Room Into an At-Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic turned many professionals into remote workers. Use these tips to create a functional home office.

Some companies are discovering that a remote workforce is more productive and cost effective, and lots of employees are discovering that working from home isn’t so bad.

If your work from home situation is starting to look like it might be more permanent than it initially seemed, then it’s time to stop working at the kitchen table. You need a home office. Ideally, you have a spare room you can dedicate to your work, but if not, an attic, basement or even a large closet can be converted into a perfectly suitable home office. Here are some tips to turn whatever room you have available into a home office.

  1. Use as much or as little space as you have
  2. Don’t sacrifice ergonomics
  3.  Consider who will be using the space – and how
  4.  Shed some light on the situation
  5. Adjust your internet speed
  6.  Install more outlets

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